Gîte du Plagnol

   The Cottage

Warm and inviting, Le Plagnol is fantastic for spending an enjoyable vacation in the comfort of a well-equipped home.

For a week as a family or with friends, we've thought of everything to make your vacation a friendly and lively event.

The kitchen offers all the comforts of your kitchen at home—large, practical, and friendly... we haven't missed a thing! Whether you're thinking of a cup of coffee from our Nespresso pressed coffee machine, an evening crèpe party, or a waffle brunch together, we have it all!

The living room and dining room offer a relaxing atmosphere in an elegant setting made possible through well-planned décor.


Everything has been foreseen so that your time at Le Plagnol will be warm and cozy.

Each bedroom offers its own particular enriched ambiance. Children of all ages will be happy here among all the available games and toys (Playmobil, Legos, board games, dolls...) as well as an abundant library.

A janitorial closet and children's rooms are available to make it possible to accommodate large families.



Gîte du Plagnol (1264), 3 épis

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